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Castello Aragonese d'Ischia

31 august 2022

La trama delle donne

Theatrical installation on themes from the Odyssey. Directed by Salvatore Ronga

Ulysses' voyage is studded with female figures: every woman's destiny seems to be tied to an island.

Onn the island of the Sun, Circe preserves the power of an ancient wisdom that manifests itself in the form of magic and sorcery to the men on shore.

The island of the Phaeacians is an elsewhere where the encounter with the castaway seals Nausicaa's adolescence forever in a translucent gem.

In Ithaca, Penelope lives locked within the walls of the palace, waiting for the hero. The man's return is for the woman the conclusion of a personal Odyssey, more intimate but no less adventurous.


Salvatore Ronga's theatrical installation traces new possible routes in the evocative spaces of the Cathedral of the Assumption and proposes a contemporary voice for the protagonists of the Homeric poem, now in assonance, now in contrast with tradition.

The performance, organised by the association Amici di Gabriele Mattera and the Metamorphosis theatre workshop, will take place on Wednesday 31 August at 20:00, with a repeat performance at 21:30.

Admission is free, but accreditation is required by writing to valentina.curci@libero.it.


Photos: © Luigi Trani e Mario Mandile - Laboratorio teatrale Metamorphosis