Castello Aragonese d'Ischia

Spend a peaceful holiday at the Castle. Dine while looking over Ischia from one of the terraces. Organise your event in a place without equal.

To the East

The eastern side - the part that overlooks the entire Gulf of Naples, Capri, Procida and Vivara - with its places, surrounded by natural vegetation, offers a dreamlike atmosphere for your event of any kind it is.
There are many points of the east side that can host your event, including the Terrace of Olive Trees, the "Il terrazzo" Café, the House of the Sun, the Bourbon prison and much more...

Weddings, vernissage, conferences, parties are just some examples of events that we can host.
The staff will be happy to give you all the information you need by sending a simple email.

"Il Terrazzo" Cafè
+39 081 98 14 29

Special events
+39 081 98 14 29

To the West

On the western side - the part of the Castle that overlooks the Bay of Sant'Anna and the rest of the island of Ischia - it is possible to stay at the "Il Monastero" Hotel, dine on the magnificent terrace of the "Cucina del Monastero" or in its Garden and organise special events.

The ruins of the old Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption host concerts, prose evenings and poetry events en plein air, followed by cocktails and dinners at the on the panoramic Terraces of the Immaculate Conception and Caffeteria del Monastero.

In this area of the Castle, there is also a small conference room (35 seats) that can host seminars and small conferences.

"Il Monastero" hotel
"La cucina del Monastero" restaurant
+39 081 99 24 35

Eventi speciali