Castello Aragonese d'Ischia

8 September 2017

Job. The Story of a Simple Man

By Joseph Roth with Roberto Anglisani (theatrical adaptation by Francesco Niccolini)

The Aosta Theatre of Livio Viano presents: Roberto Anglisani in "Job. The Story of a Simple Man." The winning show of the "Teatri del sacro" 2017. Theatrical adaptation of the Joseph Roth novel by Francesco Niccolini.


«Over a hundred years ago, in Russia, on the border with Poland, in a village so small it does not appear on any map, lived a teacher. His name was Mendel Singer. He was an insignificant man. He was devoted to the Lord. He taught the Bible to children, as had his father before him. He taught with great passion and little success. A stupid teacher of stupid kids: or so thought his wife Deborah.»


Thus begins the story, which spans thirty years of the life of the Mendel Singer family, of his wife Deborah and his four kids. But it also spans the history of the early twentieth century, from Russia to America, from the Russo-Japanese War to the First World War and beyond. But above all, it goes to the heart of Mendel, the stupid teacher of stupid children, devoted to the Lord, and abandoned - so he believes - by the Lord.


"Job", the perfect novel by Joseph Roth, thus becomes a tragicomic theatrical story just like life, where we laugh, cry, pray and dance, leave, arrive, return, die at war and are reborn. Without judgement, without explanation: but, through the mild and serene eyes of a mysterious and omniscient narrator, full of compassion and accompanied by a mild, sweet, gentle smile that pushes the protagonists of this story, as long as a lifetime, and perhaps even further.