Castello Aragonese d'Ischia

26 June / 3 July 2021

Ischia Film Festival

The Ischia Film Festival was born within the Cinema & Territory project, whose main objective is to make the often unpublished audiovisual works known to the general public. The Ischia film festival is a competition open to feature films and documentaries regardless of language: fiction, documentary, animation. The theme of the festival is particularly focused "on the location and on the enhancement of the cultural and landscape identity of the territories chosen for the shooting". The festival annually rewards those cinematographic works that have brought through the film narration a promotion of the territory and its cultural identity. It spreads and promotes "Cineturismo" (neologism conceived by the creator of the project Michelangelo Messina) in Italy and in the world and rewards with the Foreign Award the Italian and foreign film productions that have helped to promote the Italian territory through the audiovisual. Its particularity is that of having highlighted the importance of the "location" in the audiovisual work; the entire event takes place in an exceptional location: "Il Castello Aragonese".