Castello Aragonese d'Ischia

29 June / 6 July 2019

Ischia Film Festival

Designed in 2003 by Michelangelo Messina location manager, the Ischia Film Festival is an international film competition which is held every year between the last Saturday of June and July 1, in the charming rooms of the Castello Aragonese of Ischia. Its special issue dedicated to locations meant that this event would become in a few years a significant appointment with the international cinema.


Ischia Film Festival every year are projected works selected from around the world who value through the filmic narrative, cultural identity and landscape of an area or make the location, as such, like the protagonist of the performers. 


A jury composed of prominent personalities from the film world rewards those works that have been selected for the official competition. During the week of screenings, as well as the competition entries, it takes place the focus on the location and denied tributes to international movie characters. The festival is part of a project called "Cinema & territory", which has as its main objective the preservation of the landscape and cultural peculiarities of the territories for their promotion through the audiovisual.