Castello Aragonese d'Ischia

1 / 3 September 2020

Iphigenia at the Castle

Written and directed by Salvatore Ronga

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"The gods are vain, they choose the most precious victims.

Men are vile, they choose the weakest."


The ships are lined up in the port, ready to board for yet another war that promises spoils and riches, but there is no wind. An unnatural heat forces everyone to immobility. The oracle imposes the sacrifice in order to leave: Iphigenia, the daughter of the head, must be immolated on the altar.

Three paths unfold simultaneously in the suggestive spaces of the Aragonese Castle of Ischia: the characters move, act, meet and collide, and so do the spectators, accomplices and participants.

Only at the end do the paths merge and the protagonists find themselves on the scene, prisoners of the reasons and feelings that agitate them.

All the spectators witness the same drama, but each with the partiality of their point of view.


Written and directed by Salvatore Ronga, the show is curated by the Amici di Gabriele Mattera Association and the Metamorphosis Cultural Association. It wants to be a small dramaturgical experiment to try to tell the uncertainty of our times, because the time of the theater is always the present time.


Admission is free, but accreditation is required by calling +39 342 9618566 or by writing to

The show is recommended for an adult audience.



(Photos @ Lucia De Luise)

(Video @ TheMotherFactory)