Castello Aragonese d'Ischia

15 october 2022

Fantastic Reflex

Photo exhibition by Gino Di Meglio

Photo Exhibition at the Bourbon prison of the Aragonese Castle

One of the great seductive forces of photography lies in the possibility of continuously relating it to life. In the solo show "Riflessi Fantastic", dedicated to the photographs of Gino Di Meglio, the 47 shots chosen by the artist are the ones that best represent his creative and artistic path in this relationship with the existing. And so there are the portraits of the Italian singer-songwriters who marked his generation: Battisti, Gaber, Dalla, Paoli, De Gregori, De Andrè, Conte, Ron, Guccini; and then writers such as Bukowski, Barrios, Erri De Luca, whose quotations become shots which in the synthesis of a single moment concentrate and tell the observer many possible stories.


"Sometimes words aren't enough.

And then you need the colors. And the shapes. And the notes.

And the emotions"

Alessandro Baricco




Gino di Meglio is a lawyer who has been interested in photography since 1973. In addition to the traditional photography technique, with negative and print on silver paper, the artist from Ischia also applies alternative printing procedures: gum bichromate, cyanotype, chemigrams and lumen print. It also performs lith prints that represent an alternative evolution of the traditional black and white printing method on silver gelatin paper. A member of the Rodolfo Namias Group since 2014, he develops and prints the negatives of his shots in his own laboratory.