Castello Aragonese d'Ischia

1 and 2 september 2021, at 20

Edipo K.

Play written and directed by Salvatore Ronga

At the origin of the contagion that once again envelops the city there is a mystery to be solved.

Following in the footsteps of Sophocles' drama, the reason that illuminates Oedipus' investigation is contrasted with the oracular force that finds voice in some of Franz Kafka's apologies.

As in a rite of expiation, spectators are called to participate in a theatrical game that confronts the vestiges of the ancient Cathedral of the Assumption and the signs of contemporaneity that inhabit it.


On stage on 1 and 2 September starting at 20:00, the show, directed by Salvatore Ronga, is organised by the Amici di Gabriele Mattera association and the Metamorphosis association


Admission is free, but accreditation is required by writing to

The show can be attended by showing a green pass and wearing a face mask.



(Photos: @ Lucia De Luise)